As some may know, last night, our Divine Dance Center Company was honored to be a part of the 10th year of the “Dance of Hope”. A dance concert to raise money, awareness, and hope for a growing community of families that are facing the battle of life threatening illness. Some may think that an event such as this would be a sorrowful night, but in reality it was quite the opposite. Due the the Let it Be founder, Ruthe Rosen, this event brought light to the children and families in the audience fighting their fight and allowed them, for a moment, to forget reality and celebrate through the gift of dance.

Dance in itself is a community. A gift that we all share to inspire others and come together for a greater cause. I am so touched that our studio is able to contribute to such a beautiful display of humanity. The dance community is unlike any other; made up of passion, dedication, competitors, unrealistic TV characters (dance moms), and a lot of strong egos. However, through all this we are still able to see the “big picture” and for a night, as one, give back to others. A special thank you to all of those who made this event so special and continue to dedicate their time so an amazing cause.

To those still fighting their fight – stay strong, think positive, and never lose HOPE.

Much Love,

Erin Carey – Owner/Artistic Director